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Answer these questions before finalizing your divorce

Many people who think about divorce conjure images of highly contentious courtroom battles that leave the parties scarred for life. Although some marriage dissolutions involve a lot of conflict, a lot of them actually end on amicable terms. If you can find a way to...

What to include in a surrogacy contract

Carefully drafting a surrogacy contract is an important part of the surrogacy process. For that reason, prospective parents and surrogates should know what to include in a surrogacy contract to ensure the parties to the contract are protected. There are several...

Documenting your finances when you file for divorce

When you file for divorce in New York, you'll need to give your attorney a clear picture of your financial situation. This includes information about your financial assets as well as your current income. With this information, your attorney could help you negotiate a...

Divorce means dividing marriage assets

Like most states, New York has a marital property law that says marriage assets must be distributed in an equitable manner when a marriage ends in divorce. An equitable manner means that a former spouse will not suffer a sudden drop in standard of living due to the...

Establishing a surrogacy arrangement in New York

Like many other New Yorkers, you aspire to start a family. While this may seem like a normal life goal, it has not been an easy road for you. You have reached a point where you are seeking other options, as it has become clear that you will not be able to carry your...

Successfully selling your home during divorce

One of the most emotionally difficult parts of divorce is the fact that so much of your life is changing. Once your divorce is over, you may not live with your children full-time anymore, and the companionship you had with your spouse is now over (for better or for...

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