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I provide practical and effective legal counsel in all family law matters, with an emphasis on adoption and the amicable resolution of disputes.
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There Is A Smarter Way To Get Through A Divorce

I represent clients with a range of family law matters. These matters include adoption, child custody and visitation schedules, uncontested divorce, mediation and collaboration, and complex divorce issues. I assist with the critical decisions that must be made when you end a marital or non marital relationship involving property or children. Everyone has heard horror stories about prolonged divorce battles that exhaust both parties’ patience and, oftentimes, their resources as well. I promote a more amicable means of resolving disputes.

The benefits of an uncontested divorce are immeasurable for everyone involved — perhaps most importantly, any young children who will be affected by the end of your relationship. I can lead you through an uncontested divorce, explain how the collaborative process works, or serve as a third-party mediator if you already have legal representation.

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At my law firm, I provide compassionate counsel and vigorous advocacy for people facing family law problems. -Rebecca J. Talmud

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