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Collaborative Law: A Dignified Approach To Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, the parties and their attorneys agree ahead of time to resolve disputes without litigating. The objective is to minimize the cost of divorce while avoiding the stress and long-term negative effects that are often associated with it.

In that regard, collaborative divorce is similar to using a mediator. However, while many couples work with a mediator without securing legal representation, both parties in a collaborative divorce are represented by attorneys. In fact, if either party abandons the collaborative process and decides to litigate, both parties must retain new legal representation.

A Record Of Success In Collaborative Law

At Talmud Law, PLLC, our founding attorney has completed special courses on dispute resolution in order to practice collaborative law. It is an effective means for both parties in a divorce to retain control over the process rather than putting important decisions such as child custody in the hands of a judge who is not familiar with your life or your child.

We have represented clients in the Greater Buffalo-Niagara region for more than a decade. Many of them resolved divorce issues using the collaborative process. In addition to working with your lawyer, you can work with financial specialists who will assist with support and the valuation and division of marital property, as well as child psychologists who will provide assistance on custody and parenting plan issues.

With its focus on compromise and creative problem solving, the collaborative law process provides parties in a dispute with a framework for resolving differences amicably. It is not appropriate for every divorcing couple, but those who are well-suited to it will reap valuable rewards.

Is Collaborative Law Right For You?

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about the collaborative law process and help you determine if it is a good fit for your divorce. Call 716-250-9302 or use the online contact form to schedule a consultation.