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Same-Sex Couples: Get The Guidance You Need During Your Search For A Surrogate

Everyone’s quest to start a family is unique. If all goes well as you and your same-sex spouse or intimate partner enlist a gestational surrogate, you will have a long, loving road ahead together as parents. Seeking legal guidance early in the process is a positive step in the right direction.

At Talmud Law, PLLC in Williamsville, you will find the compassionate counsel and useful information that you are looking for. Our family law attorneys are ready to help you move ahead in your search for a surrogate with all the guidance and reassurance that you need.

Some Legal Considerations For LGBTQ+ Parents-To-Be

You may be aware of some of the opportunities open to you through the Child-Parent Security Act (CPSA) that became law in New York in February 2021. This law was intended to clarify and codify the legal rights of gay, lesbian and transgender individuals and couples who aim to start families through assistive reproduction technology (ART) as well as the rights of surrogates.

You and your spouse or partner may be two women who have decided to outsource pregnancy or two men who need to find a surrogate for obvious reasons. One or both of you may be transgender and hope to contribute genetic material. Ultimately, the goal is to form an embryo to be implanted in the womb of the surrogate whom you recruit.

Whatever scenario is right for your growing family, our lawyers can guide you through:

  • Understanding the New York State Gestational Surrogates’ Bill of Rights, including your recruited surrogate’s right to make her own health care decisions and have access to comprehensive health insurance paid for by you, the intended parents
  • The implications of informed consent for your recruited surrogate and/or genetic donor(s)
  • The process of obtaining an order of parentage when at least one of you will not be the biological or genetic parent

Make The Next Move Now: Call A Lawyer

With our years of experience in family law practice, our lawyers derive great professional satisfaction from bringing families together. We represent a full range of LGBTQ+ and other individuals and couples. We also partner with fertility clinics throughout New York. Learn how we can help you through the surrogacy quest as a same-sex couple.

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