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Gestational Surrogacy Representation

For many years, New York was one of the few states that banned gestational surrogacy arrangements. Paid and unpaid surrogacy arrangements were fraught with uncertainty and stress, both for the surrogate and for the intended parents. Fortunately, legislation lifting the ban allows paid surrogacy contracts to be valid as of February 15, 2021.

Legal Protection For All Parties

Surrogacy contracts have the power to protect surrogates and parents, while allowing families to come together. They are a vital tool in helping LGBTQ couples and couples with fertility challenges benefit from assisted reproduction. The ban against these contracts led to battles over parenting rights and to the use of the formal adoption process in situations where it should not be necessary.

Gestational surrogacy contracts establish guidelines for the distribution of expenses, including health and life insurance, living expenses and attorney’s fees. They outline the compensation for the surrogate. They ensure that all parties, including fertility clinics, appreciate their rights and responsibilities throughout the process. When done correctly, gestational surrogacy contracts can make the process as smooth and predictable as possible.

At Talmud Law, PLLC, our attorneys have many years of experience helping families come together in the Buffalo-Niagara region. Our work in the adoption field has shown us, firsthand, the benefits that gestational surrogacy arrangements can bring to families and surrogates alike. We can represent the surrogate or the biological parents anywhere in the state to ensure that every aspect of the contract is clearly defined. Our lawyers will make sure that the necessary criteria are met to protect your rights under New York law.

The Benefit Of Experience

Your attorney should understand the process of bringing a new family together under the law. They should appreciate the emotional journey you are undertaking and have the skill and desire to guide you every step of the way. Picking the right lawyer can help you prevent truly heart-wrenching problems down the line. If you are seeking legal guidance concerning gestational surrogacy, please contact us by email or call 716-250-9302 for a consultation today.