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Surrogacy Representation For Surrogates, Genetic Donors And Intended Parents Statewide

At Talmud Law, PLLC, our attorneys have years of experience practicing family law and related legal practice areas in Williamsville, New York. Our services are useful not only to people in the Buffalo area but also to New Yorkers statewide.

Surrogacy arrangements and contracts are a significant part of our law practice. Today’s digitally connected world makes it feasible and often desirable for people throughout New York to work with attorneys outside their own cities and regions.

We are well-equipped and experienced at helping intended parents, surrogates and other clients from all parts of the state, including Rochester, Syracuse, New York City and communities of all sizes everywhere in between.

Why Work With A Williamsville Attorney For Your Surrogacy Needs?

While intended parents typically cover legal and medical costs associated with surrogacy, avoiding a conflict of interest may be difficult to accomplish. That is, the intended parents’ own law firms and/or fertility clinics cannot usually provide services to the surrogates and/or genetic donors (egg and sperm donors).

For the sake of objectivity and authentic advocacy, a would-be gestational surrogate or genetic donor needs their own legal counsel. Finding the right lawyer can be a challenge. Our extensive experience in the area of adoption demonstrates our passion and skills for bringing families together. We look forward to hearing from you, regardless of where you are in New York.

Attorney Referrals And Fertility Clinic Referrals Are Welcome

Fellow legal professionals as well as assisted reproductive technology specialists throughout our great state increasingly turn to our firm for help with surrogacy issues. Whether you are a private individual, a lawyer or a fertility clinic representative anywhere in New York, our attorneys are available for you. We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can advise you on parental rights, surrogate rights and more. Our purpose is to help you achieve your family-building goals.

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