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Mediation Is A Common-Sense Approach To Divorce

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser — in fees, expenses and waste of time.”

— Abraham Lincoln

The stereotypical divorce is marked by harsh feelings and angry disputes. While those types of divorces certainly exist, the trend today is toward a more amicable dissolution in which spouses agree to terms without litigating and maintain a cordial relationship afterward, especially if they understand they must work together as parents.

The benefits of uncontested divorce proceedings are numerous: They are typically less costly, less stressful and provide both parties more control over the look and feel of their lives following divorce. However, they rarely come together easily. Even when divorcing parties share a desire to avoid litigation, resolutions can be elusive. Often, assistance is required from a neutral third party who serves as a mediator.

Mediation provides both parties in a dispute a platform to speak, which they don’t get in court. This alone often paves the way to a solution.

Finding Effective Solutions To Disputes

At Talmud Law in Williamsville, New York, our founder brings many years of experience as a family law attorney serving clients throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region to the role of third-party mediator in family law disputes.

Not all mediators are lawyers, but Ms. Talmud’s knowledge of New York family law statutes and her experience with judges in Erie County, Niagara County and across western New York allow her to provide parties unbiased insights into how a dispute would likely be resolved in family court. This helps both parties set realistic expectations and reach agreement by using compromise and common sense.

Mediation Is Useful For Many Situations

Many parties who use mediation have separate legal representation, but it is not necessary. You may have only one or two areas of disagreement you are unable to resolve, or you may wish to work with a mediator early in the process regarding several issues. In order for mediation to be successful, it is important to have all of the facts about the area of dispute available. For instance, if you are arguing about the separation of marital property, it is essential to have accurate and unbiased facts about valuation. We can help obtain that type of information if necessary.

Learn More About Mediation During A Consultation

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