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Navigating The Complexities Of A Second-Parent Adoption

A second-parent adoption allows a partner in a same-sex relationship to legally adopt his or her partner’s biological or adoptive child without affecting the biological parent’s status as a legal parent. The child may have been conceived in a previous relationship or through in-vitro fertilization.

Second-parent adoption is a good idea even if a gay or lesbian couple is married. It confirms a legal relationship between the nonbiological parent and the child in a manner similar to a stepparent adoption. This is important in order to preserve the nonbiological parent’s legal rights if a medical emergency leaves the biological parent incapacitated or if a same-sex marriage ends and there is a custody dispute.

Our lawyers are committed to helping families of all types. We do not bounce between several practice areas, and our clients are assured of working directly with an attorney from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case.

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At Talmud Law, our attorneys assist same-sex couples with second-parent adoptions, helping them understand state and federal laws. The process frequently involves terminating the parental rights of a former spouse or partner, or terminating the parental rights of a known sperm donor.

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