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Legal Guidance Regarding Adoption And The Use Of Social Media

The emergence of social media has resulted in wholesale changes to how people meet, interact with each other and develop relationships. It makes sense that these powerful Web-based tools are being incorporated into how prospective adoptive parents search for birth parents who are seeking to place a child into a loving home through private adoption.

At Talmud Law, we guide people through the process of how to safely navigate social media for the purpose of private adoption. Just as it is important to work with an experienced adoption lawyer throughout the adoption process, it is wise to work with a tech-savvy attorney like ours if you plan to use social media as part of your search for adoption opportunities. We assist clients in developing and implementing a social media strategy to improve their chance of successfully completing a private adoption.

Social Media Lets You Cast A Wide Net

Young, expectant mothers who are seeking to place their newborn in an adoptive home and who already are heavy users of social media are increasingly using it to find the right match. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Internet-based tools allow prospective adoptive parents to cast the widest possible net for a child to adopt. Having a definite plan in place regarding your profile, your posts, how you respond to prospective birth mothers who reach out to you, and other use of social media during your search will improve the likelihood of your success.

Our lawyers will help you avoid breaking privacy laws, which can cause a seemingly successful adoption agreement to fall apart. And we can develop an agreement regarding post-adoption communication.

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