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Complete Your Divorce Or Settle Your Custody Arrangements Without Doing Battle

Is divorce destined to be a battlefield? Granted, divorce often results from a deterioration of a marriage. Yet, many couples instinctively know that when a family’s structure changes through divorce, the path forward does not have to be antagonistic or mutually destructive.

Divorcing couples and separating parents who are motivated to find a better way often appreciate the value of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). At Talmud Law, many find a better way to complete a divorce or settle child custody uncertainties through an ADR path.

ADR For Families Undergoing Change

If you and your spouse have a common understanding that your divorce is something to solve rather than an opportunity to harm each other, you may seek one of these methods:

Divorce mediation: The two of you can work with a neutral mediator who will help you construct your own divorce settlement agreement. Mediation sessions will be private, on your own timetable and focused on the desired end results.

Collaborative divorce: You and your spouse may meet with your respective attorneys in four-way meetings. As needed, you may call upon experts such as child psychologists or financial planners. Together, you will decide on the terms of your amicable divorce and/or co-parenting arrangements. You will then submit your agreement to a divorce court.

If the process breaks down before you get to that point, you will, by mutual agreement, start over with new lawyers and complete the necessary steps to divorce, perhaps in a more traditional, adversary way.

Uncontested divorce: Through mediation, collaborative divorce or settlement negotiations, you and your spouse will agree on the terms to your divorce. Then, one of you will file for divorce.

The one who files will need to arrange for the petition for divorce to be served to the other. Then, if the one who was served submits an affidavit agreeing to the divorce petition – or does not respond at all – the divorce can proceed as it was filed.

Mediation or collaborative family law processes may also work well for unmarried parents seeking a workable child custody and visitation order.

Let Us Help You Discover Your Best ADR Divorce Or Custody Determination

From our law offices in Williamsville, New York, our lawyers help clients throughout this part of New York and statewide find their ways forward in family law cases through ADR.

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