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Agency Adoptions

Whether you need help finding the right agency, dealing with paperwork or sorting out citizenship issues, I will guide your family through the process of agency adoption. I have over a decade of experience representing adoptive families of all kinds, including same-sex families in Erie County, Niagara County and western New York.

Choosing An Agency Adoption

An agency adoption involves children who are in the custody of the state or private agencies licensed by the state. Children are placed in these agencies either by their biological parent or by court order.

The state of New York requires that adoptive parents hire a lawyer to represent them in an agency adoption.

I will work with you and on your behalf to make sure that the interests of your family, and especially the child, are always fully represented.

Adoption Finalization

The final hearing is the most significant step in the process of finalizing adoption. It is at this hearing that you are granted the right to become the child’s parent. It is only after the hearing that a new birth certificate and Social Security card can be issued.

As an experienced adoption attorney, I will guide you through the entire process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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I help families during private agency finalization, public agency finalization and international re-adoption in Amherst and throughout upstate New York.