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About My Law Practice

As a skilled attorney with over a decade of experience, I offer legal services for a wide array of family law matters to clients throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region. Family law cases are frequently emotional experiences. I am careful to control the number of cases I work on at once so I can provide individualized attention and represent clients during adoptions, divorces and family court proceedings.

As a lawyer who makes your concerns the top priority, I will invest the time to fully understand your needs so I can fight for your rights aggressively when the situation calls for it.

I am proud to be active in the local community as a member of a guardianship committee for Heritage Centers. Our organization has acted as guardians for people with special needs for more than 60 years.

I have always had a passion for law. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2001 and earned my law degree three years later from Boston College Law School. I have proudly practiced in the Williamsville, New York, area since 2005. I spent each of those years focused on adoption and family law issues for clients throughout western New York.

My practice, Talmud Law, is located in the heart of the Village of Williamsville. To learn more about my experience and qualifications, please review my profile by clicking on the link below.

I invite you to schedule a free consultation during which I can review the facts of your case and recommend an effective course of action. You can reach Talmud Law at 716-250-9302 or use the contact form on my website to schedule a meeting.

See me featured by ArtVoice in Buffalo’s Finest Profile Series: http://buff.ly/1BORCIL.

Buffalo News subscribers can read about a recent case of mine involving an adoption completed online.