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At fertility clinics, state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology (ART) enables many patients to achieve their goals of building families. Through processes including freezing eggs, helping egg donors harvest eggs, helping sperm donors make their genetic donations and managing in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo implantation and related steps to gestation, these clinics clearly meet a need.

Quality legal counsel is just as essential as the quality health care and counseling that go on at fertility clinics. Many fertility clinics maintain partnerships with Talmud Law in Williamsville, New York. We are proud to be a source of support to fertility clinics and their clients throughout the state.

Partnering With Fertility Clinics Throughout New York

While the doctors, technicians and counselors at fertility clinics carry out their professional callings, they look to attorneys to help clients fulfill the legal obligations that go along with surrogacy and ART. The Parent-Child Security Act (CPSA), which became law in New York in February 2021, spells out the legal protections that each person in the family-building equation deserves.

In gestational surrogacy arrangements, intended parents and surrogates must work with their respective attorneys to draft, review, revise and sign surrogacy agreements before any related medical procedures begin. The CPSA thus ensures that informed consent is inherent in the processes leading to surrogacy for all involved parties. Egg donors and sperm donors also need and deserve sound legal advice about their reproductive choices.

Our attorneys provide vital services on behalf of the variety of New Yorkers who turn to fertility clinics for help building their families.

Fertility Clinic Personnel And Patients Or Clients Alike: Contact Me

We invite you to learn how our law practice can be of assistance to you as you pursue your family-building goals. If you represent a fertility clinic anywhere in New York, geographical distance is no barrier. Our lawyers can ensure that your clients or patients understand their rights and responsibilities as intended parents, genetic donors or surrogates-to-be.

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