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Providing legal protections with a surrogacy contract

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Uncategorized

Many dream of having a family. While this easily happens for those trying to get pregnant, others are not so lucky. Whether it is fertility issues or a same-sex couple, adoption is not always the first choice for New Yorkers. For some, having a child that is biologically related to one or both parents is important. Thus, surrogacy might be the most ideal option. While it is a real and tangible option, it is also an option that comes with many legal issues, making it imperative that couples have an experienced attorney helping them navigate the process.

Surrogacy contracts

At Talmud Law, PLLC, our law firm has years of experience guiding parents-to-be and their surrogates through the gestational surrogacy process. Our attorneys have the tools and knowledge required to aid couples with fertility issues and LGBTQ couples through all phases of the surrogacy process.

A contract can outline various elements while also providing protections for everyone involved. This includes details such as expenses, health insurance, life insurance, attorney’s fees and compensation for the surrogate. Our goal is to ensure all questions are answered so the resulting contract outlines everything at issue, so everyone’s rights are protected.

Parental rights

Whether the child is biologically related to one, both or neither parent, our goal is to ensure that the terms of the surrogacy contract are clear. This will allow for little to no disputes during surrogacy and after the birth of the child. We strive to protect parental rights, helping the surrogacy process move along smoothly as possible.

Growing your family is a joyous experience. While the various legal documents and processes may not be part of the joyful part, it is a necessary component when moving forward with a surrogacy. Our law firm understands that this process can be an emotional one, which is why our attorneys take the time to explain the process and understand any concerns there might be.