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Nesting and co-parenting

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Divorce

Before parents start the divorce process with their children front and center. They want to minimize the effects of the divorce on their children, and for those New York parents who can truly put the needs of their children first, then, nesting may be an option.

Birdnesting and nesting

Nesting (also known as birdnesting) is the practice in which the parents keep the family home throughout the divorce process, and maybe even a few months thereafter. They do this to ensure that their children’s lives are not affected by the divorce for as long as possible.

The practice has become popular in recent years.

When the parents nest, they allow the child to stay in the family home, and their life remains unchanged by the divorce, at least initially. It is each parent that travels back and forth from the family home to their second home, instead of the child traveling between the parents’ two new homes.

Lessens the impact on the kids

For kids, this nesting can be incredibly beneficial. Why? Because their life is the same before the divorce, during the divorce and at least temporarily, after the divorce.

They keep their friends, sleep in their same room, in their bed, go to their same school, etc. This means they avoid the chaos and upheaval that is so common when families split up.

When combined with mental health services, when nesting ends, children can avoid most, if not all, of the negative psychological impacts of a divorce.

Lessened monetary impact

Nesting can, theoretically, also save the parents money. For one, since the children stay put, neither parent needs to buy any new furniture for them, at least during the nesting period.

If the parents share the second home or share alternative living arraignments on the family property, then the parents can save those additional housing costs. When combined, these savings can help both soon-to-be ex-spouses start their new lives on a better financial footing.

What to remember

For our readers, the key takeaway here is that flexibility, amicability and creativity can help you get through the divorce process easier for you and your children. Though, you have to work together.