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3 signs divorcing spouses are ready for mediation

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Divorce

While litigation has been the traditional way to divorce, it sometimes creates more tension between ex-partners when most of the time, they just want to have an amicable split. This is why nowadays separating spouses gear themselves toward a civil approach to end their relationship. Some signs can show if mediation can work for you.

You are willing to hear each other out

One of the main factors that leads to a successful mediation is communication. Hearing out the perspective and opinions of the other party is as important as delivering yours. Proper communication will guide your mediation to a smooth and agreeable settlement.

You consider each other as equals

Before any mediation starts, the mediator needs to establish the safety of the meeting. The mediator will ensure that there is no imbalance of power. Otherwise, it can taint the agreement terms and cause unfair results to the nondominant party. The parties should be mindful of their behavior and avoid any actions or speech that can dominate the discussion. Each party should keep in mind that they have equal rights.

You are open to negotiation

There will be instances when you and your ex-spouse will have differing demands, whether it is about property division, custody or parenting time. You can’t always have your way and neither can they. It is important to visit the possibility of meeting halfway when settling issues. Find an alternative that will work for both of you. Avoid insisting on your preferences.

Mediation is definitely a more efficient and cost-effective approach to divorce. But it is not for all couples. If you have doubts about whether mediation is the appropriate approach for you and your ex, check for the signs listed above.