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How to avoid resentment after a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Divorce

A divorce signifies the end of a marriage, which was once a beautiful union between two spouses who shared their worlds with each other. They trusted each other with the most intimate details of their lives, and the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage broke that trust. It is natural to feel resentment, but you should not let your anger or bitterness toward your spouse break you.

How you process the divorce matters

Litigation is one of the more popular methods of pursuing a divorce, but it involves fighting over your differences in the courtroom. Sometimes, you must try to make your spouse look bad to get leverage. Their legal representatives may try to do the same. It fosters contempt. However, alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, are available in New York.

You can also use the collaborative divorce process to achieve a mutually beneficial settlement with the help of your legal representatives. The four of you can discuss the matters significant to each spouse and negotiate terms. Collaborative divorce and mediation can help you accomplish an uncontested divorce, where instead of fighting, you work together to resolve disputes, and you can save your relationship from further discord.

Getting what matters most to you

You owe it to yourself to begin a new life with positivity and contentment. Your divorce might just be the first step toward that new and happy life. After recognizing what you want from your divorce and getting what matters most, you can start working on yourself.

Therefore, before you begin divorce proceedings, you might want to choose the less adversarial path to achieve an amicable split. One free from resentment.