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What surrogacy costs are you responsible for?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Adoption

Aside from natural conception, other options to have kids, such as surrogacy, can be daunting. This route can have varying procedural and legal complexities that may change from case to case. If you choose this method to start a family, it is best to prepare before initiating the process, including knowing who to involve and how much it can cost.

This process requires significant investment emotionally and financially. The parties involved also need legal protection, making legal services a must from start to finish. Because of these necessities, this option can be expensive for intended parents, often totaling around $60,000 to $150,000. These expenses usually include the following:

  • Fees for legal representation and services
  • Surrogacy agency costs
  • Compensation of the surrogate
  • Medical expenses and insurance coverage
  • Other expenses related to the surrogacy

The costs can vary based on state law but may also depend on what happens before, during and after the surrogacy. In all instances, the intended parents and the surrogate can face risks throughout the process, making these standards necessary. If unable to acquire the minimum requirements, it might be better for aspiring parents to seek other options.

Understanding surrogacy and its unpredictability

Like pregnancy, the surrogacy might not go as planned, posing various risks for all involved parties. Sometimes, the surrogate may have welfare and health risks, disrupting the process. Other times, the IVF cycle can have unfavorable outcomes because of uncontrollable factors.

Due to its unpredictability, a surrogacy agreement can have complex legalities, which can be challenging to understand fully without adequate guidance. Before considering this option, it can be helpful to seek legal counsel first. Doing so can help you understand all aspects of the process, allowing you to make a sound and informed decision.