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Here are some top reasons why people seek divorce

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Divorce

Are you on the fence about divorce? If so, you may be looking for a sign to tell you whether to pursue marriage dissolution or simply tough out the rough patch that you’re facing. Only you can answer that question, but before choosing what you think is best for you, analyze the facts of your situation and what you want out of the future.

In this post, we want to look at common reasons why people get divorced so that you understand some signs of impending divorce and whether or not they’re applicable to you and severe enough to warrant seeking divorce.

Why people choose divorce

No two marriages are the same. Yet, there are commonalities when it comes to reasons for divorce. Here are some that may be in play in your marriage:

  • Infidelity: Physical infidelity can break trust and devastate a marriage, making it hard to keep the marriage intact. Note that there are multiple types of infidelity that could play a role in your decision to get a divorce. Financial infidelity can make it feel like you’re losing control of your financial well-being, and emotional infidelity can create a divide between you and your spouse, leaving you feeling like you no longer have the intimate relationship you once enjoyed. In those instances, it may be time to consider whether divorce is the best way for you to reclaim your life.
  • Changed values: When you got married, you and your spouse probably had a lot in common and had similar visions for the future. As time goes on, though, what’s important to you and what’s important to your spouse can change, causing your values to veer away from each other. This can create disharmony in a marriage and lead to divorce.
  • Poor communication: For a marriage to work, you and your spouse have to be able to effectively communicate with each other. If you don’t, then even the simplest of conversations can devolve into arguments. The conflict that results from these sorts of arguments is a driving factor in divorce rates.
  • Differing parenting styles: Raising children is hard. It’s certainly easier when spouses can work together, but sometimes differing views on how to raise a child can make it nearly impossible. That’s why some people seek divorce. That way they can focus on co-parenting or raising their children how they see fit when they have sole physical custody.
  • Domestic violence: You deserve to be safe. If you’re subjected to verbal, emotional, or physical abuse in your household, then your well-being necessitates that you find a safe way out.
  • Substance abuse: Alcohol and drug abuse can create significant disruption in the family household. It can also cause financial strain. Although many people who find themselves in this situation want to stay in their marriage to try to fix their spouse, sometimes that isn’t enough.

Carefully think through whether divorce is right for you

The decision to get divorced is a major one that can change the course of your life. It’s not a choice to be made lightly. So, before settling on a direction for your future, carefully consider the circumstances of your remarriage and what’s at risk if you do and don’t divorce.