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The meaning of ‘best interests of the child’

The legal interests of children often play a significant role in court decisions regarding child custody, child support, adoption, enforcement of surrogacy agreements, and related matters. Understanding the concept of “best interests of the child” is crucial to...

The basics of an uncontested divorce

Divorces do not always have to be contested and full of legal battles for the divorcing couple to fight out. In some instances, couples who agree to the divorce and other issues related to their divorce may be able to benefit from a simpler and more streamlined...

What is required for a stepparent adoption?

Over the course of time, a stepparent can fulfill the role of a biological parent. In fact, as you may well know, in some instances the child even identifies the stepparent as their true mother or father. If your family is in that situation now, then you may be...

Exemptions provide stability after bankruptcy

A lot of people who struggle with debt fight tooth and nail to try to claw their way back to financial stability. Unfortunately, though, these efforts are oftentimes unsuccessful and instead lead to years of insecurity, stress, and fear of the future. Even though...

Answer these questions before finalizing your divorce

Many people who think about divorce conjure images of highly contentious courtroom battles that leave the parties scarred for life. Although some marriage dissolutions involve a lot of conflict, a lot of them actually end on amicable terms. If you can find a way to...